The SouthPark Association of Neighborhoods is a voluntary collaboration of neighborhoods and condominium associations in the SouthPark area. SPAN provides a forum for sharing information; for the discussion of issues affecting various neighborhoods and for collaboration on solutions; and for unified communication with government officials.

We are the “span” between SouthPark neighborhoods and stakeholders working together to strengthen our vibrant SouthPark community. Our mission is to encourage smarter development and better connect neighborhoods to the SouthPark commercial district. By working together, SPAN can can help communicate concerns to elected officials, protect residents’ quality of life and have a greater say in the type of growth that is occurring in our area.

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History of Organization
SPAN was established in response to a 2016 Urban Land Institute (ULI) report that highlighted the need for a stronger, more coordinated residential voice in the SouthPark area that could work with local government, businesses and developers to improve the commercial area and better connect existing neighborhoods to one another. SPAN provides a forum for sharing information and for collaboration on solutions to issues affecting our SouthPark neighborhoods.Membership is voluntary and open to any civic, homeowner or condominium association within the SouthPark area (see Member page to see SPAN map.) Residential neighborhoods that do not have a formal homeowner representation are also welcome to join.

2020 Board

Board members can be reached by emailing our general information email (

Executive CommitteeNameAssociation
ChairHilary Larsen
VPRob AulebachMountainbrook
VPDavid HerranFairmeadows
CommunicationBernie GesingBarclay Downs
TreasurerJames EastDeering Oaks
MembershipSarah Plott Beverly Woods
Legal Advisor Jim Talley
BoardJaime BostFairmeadows
BoardDon CampbellGovernor Morrison 721
BoardElizabeth McGregorMountainbrook
BoardRomelle ScharnbergFoxcroft East
BoardKamilah PeeblesSir Johns Hill
BoardDrew ThrasherLaurelwoods
BoardTim Finch Beverly Woods East