Transportation projects


The SouthPark commercial area was developed at a time when the car was “king” and pedestrians an after thought. Many of the neighborhoods surrounding the SouthPark commercial core are single-family dwellings on cul de sacs that funnel traffic onto a few roads. Many neighborhoods have no sidewalks and are difficult to cross during peak traffic hours. During the CNIP public engagement process, residents clearly identified the need for greater connectivity between the existing commercial nodes within SouthPark as well as safer ways to bicycle or walk between neighborhoods and to the SouthPark shopping areas. The pandemic has further highlighted the strong desire among residents for other transportation option. SPAN is committed to helping our members advocate for improvements that will help to “stitch together” SouthPark” through new crosswalks, better transit or ride sharing options, enhanced traffic signals, safer bicycle lanes, new sidewalks and new greenway or urban trails (the Loop, the BackLot Trail), While this is a slow process it will result in a stronger, more vibrant area. Below are a few of the projects we have been working on.

  • Established a transportation study committee that can work with our member neighborhoods on specific traffic related issues. The committee also is working with CDOT to develop more comprehensive solutions to traffic issues on our major corridors.
  • Completion of the Loop framework plan that will guide construction of a 3-mile loop around the SouthPark commercial area.
  • Completion of Barclay Downs sidewalk project expected 3Q21.
  • Completion of Phase 1 of the Backlot trail between Park Rd Park and Woodbine Lane.
  • Completion of 3 new enhanced pedestrian traffic signals at Sharon/Fairview, Sharon and Morrison, Fairview and Barclay Downs.
  • We have asked CDOT to develop a traffic plan for 3 major traffic corridors within the SouthPark area (Sharon View, Fairview, Sharon) that would evaluate improvements that would improve pedestrian access and reduce speeding in residential areas adjacent to the commercial core.
  • At the request of members (Gov. Square and Foxcroft East), we petitioned CDOT to delay funding an approved traffic signal at Valencia and Fairview in order to more fully evaluate impact on residential neighborhoods.
  • At the request of residents living in Beverly Woods, we petitioned CDOT to revise recommendation to install traffic signal on Sulkirk and Sharon and install a pedestrian traffic signal and crosswalk.
  • Petitioned CDOT to install a pedestrian traffic signal and crosswalk at Chandworth rd and Sharon Ln.
  • Working with Councilman Bokhari to advocate for a new road connection to run from Ashley Park Lane south of Fairview to Park Dr. S.