Rezoning Activity

How is SPAN involved?

  • SPAN works with neighborhoods to review petition in terms of zoning classification, density, architectural elements, traffic or landscaping improvements.
  • SPAN works with neighborhood leaders to evaluate potential impact on their neighborhood and greater SouthPark community.
  • SPAN advocate on behalf of members for additional improvements or changes to project to ensure highest standards are met.

Please email Rezoning Committee Chairman Rob Aulebach for additional information on current rezonings

Rezoning Activity – Current

2020–073.  (Blue Azalea). The petitioner has requested a rezoning of a 4.8 acre site on Sharon View Rd (5 parcels) from R-3 to UR-2CD to build 38 attached “for sale” town homes. SPAN has asked the petitioner to meet with our land use committee to review the project details.

2020-024 (The Fairview).  This Petition (Dominion Realty) involves a request to rezone the ± 1.827 acre Site from O-1 to MUDD-O to allow the Site to be developed with a high quality residential community with up to 365 units and up to 1,500 square feet of non-residential uses within the principal building.  Structured parking will be provided to serve the proposed uses for the Site.  The proposed building will be oriented toward Fairview Road to enhance the pedestrian experience along the Site’s frontage. Maximum building height is 185 ft.

  • SPAN board has voted to support this project at the public hearing. letter of support
  • Developer has agreed to make a financial contribution to the Loop project as well as the city’s affordable housing fund.
  • SPAN is working with Petitioner to clarify ingress/egress issues and to advocate for additional improvements to improve Sharon and Fairview intersection including contribution to the SP Loop.

2019-174 – (ReMax) Coltsgate Office Building. The petitioner is requesting a rezoning of a 1.2 acre site on Coltsgate Rd, to allow for the construction of a new 6-story mixed-use office building and 5-story attached parking garage. The current office building would be part of the project. The new building would have approximately 96,000 sf sq. feet:of office space and 3,000 sq. ft of retail. The retail would be on the ground floor of the office building and in the parking garage fronting Coltsgate Rd.

  • At SPAN ‘s request, the Petitioner reduced the amount of retail requested to 3,000 sq. ft.
  • SPAN has also requested that the Petitioner clarify view lines from Fairview Rd. and clarify signage. SPAN also has asked petitioner to do the project at one time rather than the proposed two-part staging or to show proof of off-site parking for employees and construction workers.
  • SPAN has also requested that the petitioner contribute funds to the SP Loop
  • A public hearing (virtual council meeting) was held in April. SPAN has sent letter to council requesting that the Petitioner make above revisions. .

2019-020 This 4.5 acre site at the NE corner of Fairview and Park Rd. The Petitioner is requesting that current R-3 and R-22 rezoning be changed to UR-3 CD to allow up to 115 for sale townhomes and apartments. The community meeting has been deferred while the Petitioner works with neighborhood on deed restriction amendments that would allow the development to proceed..

Construction Update (5/2020)

The following projects are under construction:or have been completed.

  • AC Marriott -complete..Rooftop bar opening has been delayed due to COVID-19.
  • The Apex (Childress Klein),. Construction is still ongoing.
  • The Hazel (Zom Living),, In final stages. Will begin leasing this fall. Retail leasing has been slowed due to virus.
  • the Barclay at SouthPark (Liberty Health Care). Construction is continuing. Developer entered into agreement with Fairmeadows Swim Club to make several improvements to the facility as part of their outreach to community.
  • The Colony (Synco Properties). Demolition is complete. Construction has been delayed due to design changes requested by several tenants. Apartment construction to begin this fall with 340 apartments.
  • Sharon Towers (intersection has reopened). Work has begun on CCU facility. Wellness center timeline has been delayed. .

Summary of Rezoning Activity – 2017-2019