Rezoning Activity

How is SPAN involved?

  • SPAN works with neighborhoods to review petition in terms of zoning classification, density, architectural elements, traffic or landscaping improvements.
  • SPAN works with neighborhood leaders to evaluate potential impact on their neighborhood and greater SouthPark community.
  • SPAN advocate on behalf of members for additional improvements or changes to project to ensure highest standards are met.
  • SPAN is working with planning staff to ensure that the proposed Unified Development Ordinance reflects residents’ vision for the area.

Please email Rezoning Committee (Rob Aulebach) for additional information about rezoning petitions in the SouthPark area.

Rezoning Activity – no petitions pending. 

Rezoning Activity – Approved in 2020

2020–073.  (Seven Oaks at SouthPark- Blue Azalea). The developer will build 38 townhomes on a 4.8 acre site on Sharon View Rd (5 parcels). Zoning changed from R-3 to UR-2CD The final site plan attached here contains several changes requested by SPAN’s rezoning committee or adjacent neighborhoods. Key elements of the plan include new sidewalks, improvements to storm water system and a pedestrian  pathway at the rear of the site.Other changes:

  • Added rear cul-de-sac and removed round about shown on original site plan.
  • Shifted buildings to align driveways and access to Sharon View.
  • Reduced density by approx 20% – from 35 townhomes to 28 townhomes for the north Sharon View parcel (4 units per building vs 5 in previous layout)
  • Increased building set backs along the Avignon property line w/ minimum of 26′ up to 49′ (comparable to R3 backyard setback requirements)
  • Agreed to a 8′ landscape easement along Avignon property line and along back yard of adjacent property on south parcel (to be used for backyard screening / plantings)
  • Added six (6) additional on-street parking spaces for the Beauclaire road connector to Avignon, along with 4 additional parking spaces off rear cul de sac.

2020-024 (The Fairview).Rezoning petition approved, but the developer did not move forward with purchase. Site has been sold to bank. Dominion Realty requested a rezoning of ± 1.827 acre site from O-1 to MUDD-O to build a residential community with up to 365 units and up to 1,500 square feet of non-residential uses within the principal building. A parking garage also will be built. The proposed building will be oriented toward Fairview Road. Maximum building height is 185 ft.  2019-174  (ReMax) Coltsgate Office Building. The petitioner is requesting a rezoning of a 1.2 acre site on Coltsgate Rd, to allow for the construction of a new 6-story mixed-use office building and 5-story attached parking garage. The current office building would be part of the project. The new building would have approximately 6,000 sf sq. feet:of office space and 3,000 sq. ft of retail. The retail would be on the ground floor of the office building and in the parking garage fronting Coltsgate Rd.

  • At SPAN ‘s request, the Petitioner reduced the amount of retail requested to 3,000 sq. ft.
  • SPAN has also requested that the Petitioner clarify view lines from Fairview Rd. and clarify signage. SPAN also has asked petitioner to do the project at one time rather than the proposed two-part staging or to show proof of off-site parking for employees and construction workers.
  • SPAN has also requested that the petitioner contribute funds to the SP Loop
  • A public hearing (virtual council meeting) was held in April. SPAN has sent letter to council requesting that the Petitioner make above revisions. .

2019-020 The Petitioner has withdrawn their request to rezone parcels located at the corner of Park and Fairview due to unresolved resolve deed restriction issues. The site has been sold to Copper Builders who plan to build 6 single-family homes.

Summary of Rezoning Activity – 2017-2020

Construction Update (11/2020)

The following projects are under construction:or were completed in 2020.

  • Phillips Place Renovation – Renovation is delayed due to Covid-19 with the exception of a new Restoration Hardware site that includes a restaurant.
  • AC Marriott -Hotel has opened and includes rooftop bar.
  • The Apex (Childress Klein), Project is In final construction phase and includes residential apartments, retail, hotel and a church..The apartment project (The Elements) has started leasing. As part of the project, the developer will make several traffic related improvements on Sharon Rd and fund a segment of the Loop.
  • The Hazel (Zom Living), Project is In final construction phase and has started leasing. The site includes 3 ground-floor commercial spaces of which two have been leased to personal service uses.As part of the project, the developer agreed to help fund sidewalk improvements on Barclay Downs Dr.
  • The Barclay at SouthPark (Liberty Health Care). Construction of Hotel is complete. Construction of CCU is in final stages. As part of the rezoning, the developer provided funding to connect Fairmeadows Swim Club to the site as well as funding for a segment of the Loop.
  • The Colony (Synco Properties). Construction of Phase 1 (330 apartments) is underway. Construction timeline for commercial uses have been delayed due to COVID-19. The retail component includes a Publix grocery store. As part of the project, the developer agreed to fund a segment of the Loop and improve culverts on Colony Rd between Runnymede and Ferncliff.
  • Sharon Towers Expansion. Construction is underway on the CCU segment. The wellness center and retail components are delayed due to Covid-19. The developer made significant improvements to the Sharon View/Sharon Rd intersection and develop a small park at the corner of Sharon and Hazelton..