Other Projects

Below is summary of some key projects that will have an impact on the SouthPark area. If you are interested in getting more involved, please contact us at info@spancharlotte.org

  • Little Sugar Creek Greenway
    • Renovation of Marion Diehl Rec Center to be finished winter 2020.
    • Renovations at Huntingtowne Farms Park will be completed late 2020
    • The greenway segment (from 485 to Polk Historic Site) is under construction with complete anticipated in February 2021.
    • The greenway segment (Brandywine to Tyvola Road) is under construction by the City of Charlotte with anticipated completion in late 2021/early 2022.
    • The Briar Creek/Little Hope Connector Greenway segment ( that will wind through Marion Diehl Park, connect with Little Sugar Creek Greenway, then move upstream along Briar Creek, under Park Road, and end at Manning Drive) is in design phase.
    • Phase 1 of the Backlot trail from Park Dr. S to Park Rd Park  is in design phase with construction anticipated to start in Summer 2021.
  • Park Rd. Park Improvements.
    • Construction on a new Indoor Pavilion at Park Rd. Park will start Summer 2021 with a total budget of $2.8 million.
    • SPAN is working with our County Commissioner to advocate for improvements to Park Rd Park to better connect the park to SouthPark residents and employees. Among the improvements desired include better signage, new lighting and improvements to the pond.
  • 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update and UDO

The city has completed a draft of the 2040 comprehensive plan. When approved by city council, the plan will become the overarching vision for how the city should grow over the next 20 years. The plan will be used as a basis for changes to the city’s zoning ordinance. SPAN is working planning staff to coordinate future educational workshops to help members better understand the recommendations found in the report and their possible impact on SouthPark. Below is a link to to Ex. Summary and the longer report.

Executive Summary
Entire Report