CNIP – SouthPark

SPAN has been working with the City and other key stakeholders to identify projects that will be funded through a $15M bond package approved in 2017. Working with consultants hired by the City, SPAN identified the following goals and objectives to guide infrastructure improvements in the SouthPark area that will help SouthPark evolves from a suburban, disconnected, car-dependent shopping area into a more urban, pedestrian-friendly district.

Project objectives for the SouthPark CNIP are to:

  • Support continued evolution of the Mixed-Use Activity Center by accommodating access by all modes;
  • Improve bicycle and pedestrian access to the Center from surrounding neighborhoods;
  • Enhance peoples’ ability to move around within the Center by walking, biking, and using transit (create a “park once” environment);
  • Provide better access to existing greenspaces and support the desire for more greenspace in the public realm; and
  • Support the density, vibrancy, and strong sense of place expected in Mixed-Use Activity Centers.​

Based on the above priorities, the following projects were selected. Click on the link for further information about each project including time line for completion:

  • Enhanced Crosswalks​(Completed June 2020) Two crosswalks were improved to make them safer for pedestrians. New Loop logo logo was added to crosswalks.
  • Backlot Trail-Phase 1.  (Completed 2023)The project includes a pedestrian pathway through county-owned property on the east side of Park Rd across from Park Rd. Park, pedestrian crosswalks on Park Dr. South and Park Rd. that will improve the connection between Park Rd Park and the X-CLT trail and SouthPark neighborhoods. When completed, the trail would run behind Fairview Rd from Park Rd to Carmel Rd.
  • Barclay Downs Sidewalk( Completed 2021) The .6 mile project includes new sidewalks and street trees on the east side of Barclay Downs Dr. from Runnymede Ln. to Scofield Rd. Total project cost was $2.5M. A community celebration was held Oct. 2021 with the Barclay Downs HOA and the Hazel Apartments to celebrate the completion of the project. Zom Living contributed $225,000 towards this project as a condition of their rezoning.
  • Briar Creek Greenway Wayfinding (Not yet completed)  
  • Southpark Loop When completed, the Loop will be a 3-mile urban trail that connects several major shopping centers or destinations within the SouthPark area. See the following reports or links to the city’s website.
    • Segment along Carnegie Blvd. along the Apex development site was approved as part of rezoning and is complete.
    • Segment along Rexford Rd (from Sharon Rd. to Roxborough Rd was approved as part of a rezoning and is partially complete. The final segment will be begin with the construction of the proposed Publix.
    • Segment along Fairview Rd. from Cameron Valley Pkwy to Ashley Park Ln was approved as part of the Phillips Place rezoning and will begin construction in 2023.
    • Segment on Barclay Downs Dr. and Piedmont Row in front of the Barclays of SouthPark was approved through rezoning and will begin construction in 2023.
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