Who We Are
The SouthPark Association of Neighborhoods is a voluntary collaboration of neighborhoods and condominium associations in the SouthPark area. SPAN provides a forum for sharing information; for the discussion of issues affecting various neighborhoods and for collaboration on solutions; and for unified communication with government officials.

We are the SPAN between SouthPark neighborhoods and stakeholders working together to enhance a vibrant SouthPark Community. By working together, we believe residents can have a greater say regarding the type of growth that is occurring in our area and ensure that neighborhood concerns are more clearly communicated to elected officials. We strive to encourage smarter development in the SouthPark area that will support a vibrant and connected SouthPark area by working with other stakeholders.


History of Organization
The organization was established in response to a 2016 Urban Land Institute (ULI) report that highlighted the need for a stronger, more coordinated residential voice in the SouthPark area that could work more effectively with local government, businesses and developers to improve the commercial area and better connect existing neighborhoods. SPAN provides a unified voice to address and protect common interests and quality of life issues shared by all SouthPark residents. Membership is voluntary and open to any civic, homeowner or condominium association within the SouthPark area (see map of area) as well as residential neighborhoods that do not have a formal homeowner representation. SPAN provides a forum for sharing information and for collaboration on solutions to issues affecting our SouthPark neighborhoods.

SPAN is working with various stakeholders within the city and private sector on a number of projects that will help to enhance the quality of life within the SouthPark area and connect neighborhoods to the commercial core. Specific areas of focus include:

  • Communication and Education
    • Provide members with information regarding on-going projects, rezoning applications and planning related topics relevant to the SouthPark area.
    • Coordinate seminars, meetings and educational opportunities for interested neighborhood leaders and residents on a variety of planning related topics.
  • Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program (CNIP)
    • Work with members to to identify projects to be funded through the $10M bond and oversee implementation.
    • Advocate on behalf of members for new projects that we believe will build a stronger sense of place and connect SouthPark neighborhoods to the commercial district.
    • Work with the city to design and implement the Loop and Backlot greenway trail.
  • Zoning Ordinance and Comprehensive Plan
    • Participate in city forums and meetings to provide input on proposed changes to the city’s current zoning ordinance that could impact residential neighborhoods.
    • Advocate for changes to current ordinances that regulate construction related issues such as noise, truck traffic and lighting to minimize impact of new development on adjacent residential areas.
    • Work with the city to update current small area plan to better guide future development in the SouthPark area.
  • Rezoning Petitions
    • SPAN’S Rezoning Committee works with the city staff to ensure that members are notified about upcoming rezonings in the SouthPark area and meets with developers to review, comment or improve proposed plans to the benefit of surrounding neighborhoods.
    • SPAN Rezoning Committee meets on as needed basis to review and comment on any development project requiring zoning change in the SouthPark area.
    • The organization regularly speaks at City Council rezoning hearings and provides letters of support when appropriate.